by Camilla Treu

Born in Milan (Italy) in 1956, Marco Fontanive trained as a self taught and approached art relatively late, initially developing a predilection for collage made with commonly used materials such as corks, wooden waste and canvas clippings applied on painted wooden boards in monochrome. Using this technique, the artist is able to explore space in its three dimensional meaning, creating optical and perspective games in what could be defined as “contemporary bas reliefs”.

In a second phase he is attracted to the mosaic: retaining some of the materials used previously, the collage progresses towards an original two dimensional conception. Subsequently Fontanive turns his attention to abstract geometric painting, exploring new techniques such as spatula or grattage: starting from a pure optical and decorative approach, his personal research has evolved to include techniques tested by the great masters of the avant gardes.

The preferred materials are wooden boards with various types of textiles glued on like sheets, billiard cloths, raw canvas and mostly white and blue tempera, color pastels and a lot of vinylic glue.

To spread the color, Fontanive prefers the use of large spatulae, in order to give his works a more rough and material appearance.
Although in the current production phase the use of industrial pictorial canvases has been added, the artist’s studio aims at expanding the chromatic range used, in a research aimed at refining the three dimensional aspect of the work and also through the use of new pigments.

The deliberate lack of titles in most of the works is functional to stimulating the imagination of the observer who, when confronted with the work, assigns a personal meaning based on their experiences and the sensations aroused.


2016 - His first solo exhibition took place on September in Torrox Costa
2019 - In August two works displayed on video screeen in the ArtboxProject ZURICH 1.0 during Swissartexpo
2019 - In December two other works displayed on video screen in the ArtboxProject MIAMI 2.0 in Miami
2020 - In March solo exhibition at Bio Beach Club in El Morche (Torrox)
2020 - In August two works displayed on video screeen in the ArtboxProject ZURICH 2.0 during Swissartexpo
2020 - In December solo exhibition "Más Allá" in Nerja (Málaga) in the municipal showroom in Calle Cristo